Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Religion

Religion played some pivotal roles in the stories of Henrietta Lacks' family as told in this work. As the author, a Jewish woman, gets more involved in the search to learn more about Henrietta's life and family, she has several dramatic encounters with Lacks' family's Christian faith. In a dramatic prayer experience with Deborah and her cousin, and in a worship service at Sonny's grand-daughter's baptism, particularly, Christian prayer and worship plays a powerful role in helping the family make sense of the complicated issues they're struggling through.

In these two situations or in others in the book, how does religion play a role in the story? How is it alike or different from your own theology, practice and faith?


Anonymous said...

To me, religion exists in this story as the integral part of life that ones faith can carry them through their greatest struggles. In Rebecca, though it seems that she is viewing religion through journalistic goggles. Until the end, where she can no longer sit back and observe and make notes, but must participate. I really like how she describes that science has been trying to describe the spirit, but has made things difficult. Meanwhile the Bible in Romans and other parts, is more understandable.

One part of the book that gave me something to build on in my life was in Ch. 36 when Gary kept flipping to different scripture. I think it would be great to be so well versed in scripture.... One verse at a time.

Thanks for the read and posting the Methodists position on the medical issues.

Ελλάδα said...

I am not sure what the history of the Lack's family might have been had circumstances unfolded differently, but I appreciated the author telling the story without drawing conclusions. I appreciated the author's ability to relate the story without bias or opinion, she provides a vehicle for the reader to muse and ponder the what if's of this story.